Computer History Museum – Some Information

The Computer History Museum, with an aim of preserving artifacts representing various important events that took place in the field of computing and information technology from the period of 3000 BC to the contemporary.

The Computer History Museum educates the masses about the evolution of computers and its impact on the society, from thousands of years using both real and virtual media. In the virtual media one can browse to learn all relevant details of a computer or its accessories complete with pictures, year of manufacturing, about the Inventors and much more.

Where as, in the real media, one can interact with many systems by operating them and experience the thrill. One can see for real all the associated accessories, software etc.

About the Museum.

The Computer History Museum, a non-profit institution, established in 1999 needed a place, to exhibit its priceless collections of computers, accessories and software used in them in an orderly interactive way. In the year 2002, it acquired a place on Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View, California and in less than a year, the first phase was completed and opened for the public view.

The CHM is expecting to complete the on going construction and plans are afoot to throw open its door for the public by the end of 2010 with fully equipped exhibits. In spite of a large collection on hand, still there are many gaps left in between and looking forward to fill them before opening the full fledged museum.

To do this it has requested the public and institutions to donate the related materials to accommodate the same before the opening. The CMH has been published a wish list for the public and institutions, to donate any of the items listed to enhance the quality of the exhibition.

The Computer History Museum has plans to inaugurate the facility in the form of an international exhibition event titled “Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing”. The regular collection drive by the institution of the artifacts will start in December 2010 and requested the public to hold them for a while more, in case they have plans to dispose them until such time. Your contribution will be of immense help in show casing them for millions of future visitors.

The Computer History Museum has many more things to offer from their Pandora ‘s Box. A variety of information, exhibits, multimedia content sourced from who’s who of the computer fraternity, a rich and well-stocked library gives you excellent support for research activity.

The Computer History Museum has something or the other to meet with different tastes among its visitors. The Core Magazine is a dedicated publication by the Museum, carrying very useful articles reflecting the latest developments in the field of computers along with the historical facts, written in simple language to reach all levels of readers from starters to the experts.

The CHM has instituted an annual Award, to honor those inventors in the field of computers, whose work has changed the world.

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