iPad’s Impact on B2B

There has been lots of discussion about the new device – from how it’s cool and new to when it was finally out and where you can buy an iPad cover for it. The point of this discussion is what impact it has on.

The iPad became the latest entry in Apple’s range of digital gadgets. After all the announcements made and first purchases done, the main question for business is how will the on-the-go device impact marketers?

Although it might be too early to make conclusions, B2B marketers still feel the need to start identifying what number of people is using iPad, so that they could foresee the changes to their marketing and business models. So far, the real working iPad apps for B2B marketers are unknown, but even without them the new gadget is supposed to positively impact marketers in three ways:

1. CRM data capture

B2B sales people at international tradeshows are more often seen toting around their Apple devices. The reason is that iPad allows sales teams to capture prospect contact data to be added into their CRM systems. Participants of the market explain that the iPad can also extend the usability of existing CRM applications that have already been used on earlier Apple devices like iPhone thanks to a larger display and easier data capture. While the tradeshows are one of the perfect use cases, iPad also enables much richer e-mail marketing. Although it would take some time for work, the iPad owner expecting a much richer experience on a device will get far more than fairly static content delivery in e-mail.

Some of the market players are waiting impatiently for being able to enhance their tradeshow experiences by giving everyone an iPad zipped in an iPad case with a company logo and placing them in the booth ready for lead capture. The game changer is that the company representatives will be taking surveys with all the information loaded immediately to their CRM platform. iPads are already being ordered for the corporations.

In addition, integration of both online and offline experiences that the device offers are also highly valuable for B2B marketers, especially at such offline events as seminars. First of all, a salesperson that is carrying an Apple device will be able to easily move to a live demonstration, if there’s any possibility that the conversation goes that way. Besides, a prospect having an iPad can be instantly guided to resources in the Internet during the ongoing conversation if necessary. If the experience is integrated, that would be much more effective than either alone.

2. Customer experiences & rich content

Since the iPad has been developed, Apple continues expanding their customers’ user experience. Together with the new bells, users are expecting both publishers and companies to up the ante for richer content, as the release of this unique device was supposed to increase the demand for more multimedia content. This means that B2B marketers have to bring their attention to the quality of their content in the Internet, along with how targeted public is going to interact with the content. Since now, product data, official documents, and presentations must all be designed considering specific digital devices like iPad, as the content would likely to be consumed on them.

3. Real-time portfolio

The Apple’s device has already proved to serve as a very useful tool in terms of a real-time portfolio of product demos or any other marketing materials. Thanks to the tablet’s size and its impressive screen features, B2B marketers will be able to nicely show off their works or products wrapped in a neat iPad cover, as well as walk prospects through presentations. The gadget may also be useful for sales teams, allowing to demonstrate financials in real-time.

The representatives of the business agree with this and also note that it would be just amazing to have all the marketing stuff like presentations and collateral ready on-the-go at any given moment. It would also feel nice as opposed to many times they had to just sit around while waiting for the laptop of the marketer to boot up. Hopefully, it won’t be so much frustrating.

The others remember flip charts as a convenient way to connect one-on-one with a prospect, waiting for the iPad to be an incredible tool to rapidly present a high-level value proposition.

Besides, the businesses expect the positive impact from the iPad’s 3G networking capabilities. The marketers will be able to present their company’s marketing material from any place where a cell phone would work. Although this could be done on MacBooks or on other laptops, it changes considering the interface driving software development. New apps and other innovations are on their way to support the iPad, and it would be the main point for marketing companies to get the most out of the device – only if B2B will be keep it in mind of the developers.

However, there are some exceptions among the marketers, who are not totally convinced that the iPad will change B2B community considerably. Some of the global corporations, including Caterpillar, believe that the new digital tool needs to be put in perspective. They argue that everyone just needs to calm down with this gadget, pointing at the absence of any incredible applications for B2B marketing so far. They argue that new device is way too bulky for using CRM, and a marketer can use a PDA or Smartphone for the same purposes to present works during a conversation and it’ll be efficient enough. As for the tradeshows, iPad’s display is, on the contrary, too small for the good show. All the other functions that iPad claims to be able to perform, may be done by any Netbook as well. In other words, the companies don’t see the point of spending huge money on the device just because it’s new. Seems like their position will change when the device prove to be a real revenue-generating tool for the investment.

At the same time the opponents of iPad suggest that the latest Apple’s development is nothing more than another tool to deliver content, while the content itself is device-neutral, though it has a persuasive call to action. In fact, it doesn’t matter how the content is delivered – through newspaper, television, mobile phone or Apple device. The only relevant thing is the message of the content, but not the medium.

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Introducing Affiliate Marketing To The Newbie Wanting To Make Money On The Internet!

What is affiliate marketing you may ask? Well, it is basically a form of marketing on the internet where an affiliate gets paid for making referrals or sales of someone else’s product. You are the affiliate and the vendor is the person or persons that has created the product. I look at it as a partnership without the legal documents that would have to be drawn up for a partnership. It is a win-win situation for both parties. You make revenue from the referrals and the vendor makes revenue from the sales.

The Vendor can be a Merchant, Retailer, Advertiser, Seller. The Vendor is a person or company that is selling on the internet.

An Affiliate is a Marketer or Publisher who sends traffic to the Vendor’s website and is paid affiliate commissions for making referrals on sales or leads.The commissions vary according to if it is a digital product or physical product. For a digital product you can get paid commissions from 30% to 100%. For a physical product you may get paid a commission from 1% to 30%.

The commission structures are as follows: 1) Pay per sale (PPS) is getting paid for making sales or a revenue share of you overall sales volume for a specific time period. 2) Cost per action (CPA) is for when you are paid for referrals and leads. 3) Costs per 1000 impressions (CPM) is getting paid for traffic which is commonly used in advertising but not in affiliate marketing.

You ask, “Where can I get affiliate program providers?” If you have internet buddies, ask them for their favorites. You could also go on some of the social media sites to get some ideas. Just a few providers are Google, Commission Junction and Amazon Associates to name a few. There are many providers on the internet. Do your research for your provider. When you are doing your research, be sure to check the fine print for their terms and how they pay the commissions. You want to be sure that you are going with a provider that pays revenue on a timely basis. Normally, the payments are monthly.

Once you have decided on your provider for your affiliates. It is time to pick a niche that you are interested in. Write down a list of things that interest you like hobbies, sports, health issues, etc. Then, go to the provider and look up the categories that your interests fall into.

Review the affiliate marketer’s ads in the category of interest. Pick out the ones where you get the most commission. After all you want to get the most money for your time and effort to sell the product. Next, review the website or blog of the affiliates that interests you. Check out the information on their web page to see if they are knowledgeable in their field. Be sure to look up all the information about the vendor so you know that they are an expert in their field. You do not want to put your name behind a product that will not perform. Your research will help you to be successful for you will be comfortable to advertise their site.

Now is the time to write the ad. You will need to pick a site to place your ad on such as Bing, 7 Search or Google to name a few. All sites have specific requirements for the ads. You want your ad to be short and informative. Also, pick good keywords for your ad either through Google or the site you are placing your ad.

A good tip to make your ad campaign successful is to do a test. By test, I mean write two different ads. The one that does the best job is the one you want to keep tweeting to get the best conversions. After all, to make the most money selling the affiliate product is keep trying new things in your ads.

I cannot guarantee what you will make. It is up to you what you put into making revenue online.

I do hope that for the beginner this article will help you begin to profit off affiliate marketing on the internet. Just keep trying and do not give up.

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Computer History Museum – Some Information

The Computer History Museum, with an aim of preserving artifacts representing various important events that took place in the field of computing and information technology from the period of 3000 BC to the contemporary.

The Computer History Museum educates the masses about the evolution of computers and its impact on the society, from thousands of years using both real and virtual media. In the virtual media one can browse to learn all relevant details of a computer or its accessories complete with pictures, year of manufacturing, about the Inventors and much more.

Where as, in the real media, one can interact with many systems by operating them and experience the thrill. One can see for real all the associated accessories, software etc.

About the Museum.

The Computer History Museum, a non-profit institution, established in 1999 needed a place, to exhibit its priceless collections of computers, accessories and software used in them in an orderly interactive way. In the year 2002, it acquired a place on Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View, California and in less than a year, the first phase was completed and opened for the public view.

The CHM is expecting to complete the on going construction and plans are afoot to throw open its door for the public by the end of 2010 with fully equipped exhibits. In spite of a large collection on hand, still there are many gaps left in between and looking forward to fill them before opening the full fledged museum.

To do this it has requested the public and institutions to donate the related materials to accommodate the same before the opening. The CMH has been published a wish list for the public and institutions, to donate any of the items listed to enhance the quality of the exhibition.

The Computer History Museum has plans to inaugurate the facility in the form of an international exhibition event titled “Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing”. The regular collection drive by the institution of the artifacts will start in December 2010 and requested the public to hold them for a while more, in case they have plans to dispose them until such time. Your contribution will be of immense help in show casing them for millions of future visitors.

The Computer History Museum has many more things to offer from their Pandora ‘s Box. A variety of information, exhibits, multimedia content sourced from who’s who of the computer fraternity, a rich and well-stocked library gives you excellent support for research activity.

The Computer History Museum has something or the other to meet with different tastes among its visitors. The Core Magazine is a dedicated publication by the Museum, carrying very useful articles reflecting the latest developments in the field of computers along with the historical facts, written in simple language to reach all levels of readers from starters to the experts.

The CHM has instituted an annual Award, to honor those inventors in the field of computers, whose work has changed the world.

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Applicant Tracking Systems and the New Technology of HR

Recruiting and hiring employees can be a time-consuming and laborious job for employers. If not done efficiently, it can also create unnecessary expenses for the company. These are just a few of the reasons more and more human resources (HR) departments are utilizing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

We live in an ever-evolving world that requires companies to stay up to date on state of the art technology which includes recruiting and hiring methods. These types of modern technology, including Applicant Tracking Systems, are crucial when it comes to finding and cultivating talent. ATS software enables companies to meet all of the HR needs including collecting and storing potential candidate’s job related information while tracking their progress throughout the hiring process. Employers are finding that ATS can be used for so much more than this, though. Employers looking to hire the perfect employee can also post job openings, screen resumes and generate interview requests all the while reducing the amount of paper used in the hiring process.

Due to the many companies who are now utilizing ATS as a more cost-effective and convenient method in hiring, the number of companies who make this high-tech HR software has grown considerably these past couple of years. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, 90% of large companies use some kind of ATS.

Currently companies are debating what type of ATS to use and are questioning if it is best to go the IT route or go with the cloud. Most are finding that to stay on top of the latest and greatest technology, much of this finding, hiring and cultivating talent should be done through cloud-based HR applications. As more people become confident in the security of using cloud technology, these applicant tracking systems are quickly becoming a multi-million dollar business for which investors are jumping in with both feet to get their piece of the pie.

It seems that there is no getting away from modern technology in order to successfully run a business. It is almost unheard of for a company to succeed without using the Internet in some form or fashion, whether it’s marketing via social network or keeping in close contact with co-workers on the other side of the world. If businesses are not currently using the Internet, they best jump on board or they will soon be left behind. Companies who used to hire employees by first reading through every resume they received will also be a thing of the past. If they don’t start using ATS, they will be missing out on finding and hiring some great candidates.

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