Using Smart Devices for Health and Safety Auditing

The Invasion of Smart Devices

Smart devices are everywhere these days; even my 5-year-old granddaughter has something called a Leap Pad which is apparently a junior version of the adult devices. I sometimes think I am the only person on the planet who doesn’t have one of these things – I’m still struggling with my 6-year-old standard mobile phone.

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay a Luddite in this. The increasing use of these devices for everyday things such as grocery shopping; paying your bills and so forth will probably overtake my wish to remain untouched by this communication revolution. One of the things that is driving me to think about changing is the growth in apps that allow the use of smart devices for health and safety auditing which may impact on my ability to keep working in the field.

Advantages of using Pads and Phones for Auditing

The big advantage these devices have is the speed with which a client can receive an audit report. As I don’t have one I don’t know how fast this happens but suppliers websites imply that it’s almost instantaneous. You complete the audit, plug your gizmo into a network and print off the report – at least a draft version of it. Some apps even allow you to integrate sound, video and still photos to supplement your report. Pretty clever stuff, eh?

Weaknesses of using Pads and Phones

One of the weaknesses that I can see with the use of smart devices for H&S auditing is that you must have an internet connection. The software doesn’t seem reside on your device, rather it seems the app configures the device to download and upload information to and from a server somewhere. So no internet connection no audit unless you revert to the “old school” method of pen, paper and camera (although some of these devices do store information such as photos and others have text editing and even word processing capabilities so all may not be lost if you’re out in the wilderness).

Most of the apps seem to be focused on a single country which is pretty reasonable I guess given the variation in legislation between jurisdictions. However, it is something you’d want to check up on – an OSHA compliance template isn’t going to be much use in Europe. An alternative is to make sure you can upload your own templates instead of being limited to the supplier’s templates.

Health and Safety Auditing Apps

Web sites I’ve looked at don’t provide much detail about their apps; what they do or don’t do; how you interact with them, whether you can use your own audit templates or must use to use theirs; the configuration and format of the reports, what auditing templates are available. Not too many provide access to free temporary accounts so you can try before you buy either. So in many cases it’s buyer beware since not too many suppliers seem offer any money back guarantee.

Protecting Your Smart Device

One thing that probably goes without saying is to make sure the smart device is protected.

We’ve all got tales of mobile phones and the like being dropped into storage vats, down the toilet; off the roof or bonnet of cars and so on. Many survive but many don’t and since most of this sort of equipment comes with touch screens I don’t imagine it would take too much to make them inoperable. If all your audit information’s stored on your tablet or mobile phone you’d want to make sure it stays in good condition – at least until you can get it somewhere where you can download the information to a more robust device.

It’s probably worth investing in a pretty rugged case that has a wrist strap or similar just to be sure.

Final Word

All in all, there I can see a lot of advantages in using smart devices for health and safety auditing. They’re compact, transportable, can be reasonably flexible and enable better service to clients. As time goes on I’m sure that developers will come up with better software with more options and more flexibility. I’ve no doubt that just as the digital camera replaced film cameras so smart devices will replace paper based health and safety audits – it’s the way of the future.

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Courier Service App Development: Everything Explained For You

There are many reasons for the rising popularity of mobile apps in courier and shipping services. An app can bring all-round convenience in the delivery of a parcel for both the service provider and the customers. The service provider can track their customers as well as the delivery agents to ensure faster delivery of services. Convenience is the key to win in today’s market. And an on-demand delivery app can take your courier business to new heights of success by making your services available at the fingertips of the people.

Apps play a vital role in courier delivery industry and the faster you realise that, the better it is.

So, here is explained how you can build an app for your courier and shipping company and get more customers.

Factors to consider to make a courier app

Flexible and cost-efficient services: The key idea of developing an on-demand courier app is to give convenience to customers on the go. Thus, make sure that it offers flexible services that they need such as same-day delivery, last-minute courier and delivery of anything, irrespective of its size, type, drop location and time.

Verification of drivers and packages: As you will be handling with valuable parcels or belongings of the people, it is necessary to verify your drivers. They should pass the third-party background check and should also be rated good by the Authorised Department of Motor Vehicles. Assurity of the drivers’ authenticity ensures trust in the customers.

Cross-platform support: This is perhaps a mandatory factor to consider if you want to target maximum customers for your delivery app. Developing it for either iOS or Android will cause you to lose a particular group of mobile users. Thus, make no mistake but go for a cross-platform application for your courier business.

It’s time to get into the features that your customers need in the delivery app.

Features needed in a courier service app

Account setup

As a first step, the customers can create their own account with name, area zip code, contact number and other personal details. This is necessary to enable the delivery agents to find their place easily. You can also allow for account login to customers with their social media accounts.

Picking-delivery scheduling

Let the customers schedule the pick and drop of a package as per their needs with your app apart from just hiring the delivery agents. Besides that, make sure they can change the timings for the delivery according to the receiver’s availability.

Cost calculator

How will the customers know about the charges of delivering a package? So, there is a need for a cost calculator feature with which they can know the parcel delivery charges as they enter the drop address, weight of the parcel, time within which it needs to be delivered and so on.

Real-time tracking of order

Well, it’s a must-have feature for your app to help the customers know the status of their parcel after it’s shipped. It is important to let them track the real-time location of the package, delivery executive’s name and other details so that they can feel completely safe about their valuable products.

In-app customer support

Customers need to have a direct helpline or a chatbot where they can directly contact the delivery agency’s support team. This is a must to enable customers instantly talk to someone when they face any issue in the delivery of their parcels.

Apart from all these basic features, what else you need to make your app more beneficial for on-demand delivery services are multiple payment systems, real-time order notifications, offers/discounts, orders history, ratings and feedback. Now that you know the key things to consider for a courier app development, you can get it started with a trusted and experienced app development partner.

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How to Grow Your Business With Help Desk Software

If you invest in help desk software for the benefit of your business, you will be able to automatically notice the difference and reap the benefits, whilst watching your business grow and enhance within its competitive market place; let me explain how.

You have to think about how running your business would be without this vital software; you could, in a worst case scenario, potentially risk losing your existing customer base, future sales and prospective sales opportunities. Furthermore, by not investing in help desk software it may leave important emails and tickets unanswered, leaving your customers in dismay! You’re probably thinking how do I avoid this happening? Well, the first and foremost reason why introducing help desk software will help you to grow your business, is that you will be able to provide better customer care to your existing customer base. Furthermore, another feature of help desk software, is that it will help you organise yourself, which will help you provide better customer service, as it will be more time efficient (due to the update facility, which gives you an idea of when to contact your customer, which is embedded within the software).

Additionally, the help desk software should be able to provide a better level of support for your current customers, as well as your future customers (this point could form a part of your sales strategy which could entice future customers), again because it is organised, but additionally because your staff will be able to access one shared location, where all your customers’ information is kept. Therefore, reference to it, is fast and simple, so it doesn’t provide a huge amount of inconvenience to your customer and ultimately, this will keep your customers’ content.

Another business benefit is the fact that through installing help desk software, your company will notice a substantial saving in costs and reduction in overheads, as many processes will be made automatic and customer queries will be dealt with quickly. This is whilst still simultaneously encouraging your current customers to engage in further business with you through increasing the interaction between the help desk analyst and customer. Help desk software also provides the facility for your customers to email their query directly to the help desk, thus reducing the costs of expensive telephone calls.

From an internal point of view, the help desk will allow you to organise your customer’s enquiries in a logical manner, therefore if needing to be actioned, it’s easy for your Analysts to locate the call and action it accordingly. Importantly, the calls with a high level of urgency will be prioritised, automatically through the help desk software.

To ensure your customers stay loyal to you, you need to have the best help desk software in place. By allowing the help desk software to flourish within your business, your organisation will be able to reap the benefits of improved efficiency, happier customers and lower overheads with an overall growth in your business.

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Faster Computer – Clean Up Errors And Increase The Performance Of A Slow Computer

In any tech society, the main element to achieving success is actually a speedy along with reliable computer. Whether it is a university student or some sort of business personnel, the two need to have a reliable personal computer to complete projects. When a personal computer is definitely sluggish, task completion is also slower. A slower desktop is without a doubt attributable to a lot of elements. Often, these kinds of situations should all often be resolved so your computer can certainly come back to the main condition. In order to fix a lot of these issues, what’s causing it needs to be well-known. A slow performing PC is unavoidable the more mature the particular desktop computer will be, the slower it may get.

Trojans and also malware, or maybe malevolent software package, may harm important records along with decrease the pace of the particular effectiveness of your computer system; you’ll want to possess a anti-virus program along with a effective adware eradication application, and operate both equally constantly. These kinds of systems work nicely jointly although you must never run both of them together. Each of those pieces of computer software will certainly attack the exactly same computer files that could in-turn slow each of those programs down and eventually freeze the actual computer system along the way.

One other root cause of an extremely sluggish functioning personal PC is file corruption error within the registry. Sometimes it is brought on by spyware malware or maybe computer virus. It can be created over some time as a result of installing along with cleaning out software programs which leave registry information that are no longer required. Every one of those errors can result in a very slow desktop computer.

The particular registry is a huge settings data file which in turn stores details about the many various functions essential which makes it possible for your personal computer to run at its maximum potential. Whatever the certain reason behind the information file corruption occurring, the outcome will be the fact that the personal computer is just not as effective as well as reliable as it used to be and has now the potential of a crash with no warning.

It is advisable to do certain routine service in your personal computer on occasion. One critical method would be to clean the particular registry of the harmful and affected items. There are several pieces of software package out there which will do that instantly. Quite a few corporations let men and women to download their particular sample versions to test the overall performance. Doesn’t necessarily acquire much time to accomplish all of these steps, but you may be impressed at just how much change there exists in the effectiveness of your respective computer system.

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